We have wide variety of kimono and kimono accessories such as Furisode, Uchikake, Tsukesage, Tomesode, Komon, Kids kimono, Antique kimono, Obiage, Obijime, Geta, Zouri, Tatoushi, Kimono Hanger, Furoshiki, Fukusa etc...
If you want MORE, there are 10, 8 of all silk kimono bundles and 3 of all cotton Yukata set.
If you need mix fabrics, we have 10, 5, 3 of kimono bundles,10, 8, 5, 3 of Obi bundles, 8, 5, 3 of kids kimono, 10, 5 of Haori and Michiyuki bundles which are mix of silk, cotton, wool, and synthetic fabric blends. We cannot guarantee what the content of each package will contain (color, material, size, etc), but each package is carefully screened for quality before leaving our warehouse.
These Kimonos are of high quality, but are sold for use as fabric or cutters for use in crafts and design. Boxes may include some wearables, but that depends on the buyers assessment of the content.

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If you've never bought vintage (recycled) clothing, especially vintage kimonos you should be aware that they differ in many ways from newly manufactured goods. Yamatoku Corporation has been selling bulk kimonos since 1990. Because of this, we understand that buying and selling vintage Kimonos is quite different from buying new. We have an experienced team assessing and packaging our Kimonos, but we want to make sure that the buyer understands that these products are not new or intended for wear or display. However, none of our Kimonos are junk and most are in fair to excellent condition. Some products may be usable as is, but that depends on the buyer.

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